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“As Laura, Gray is seductive, larcenous and skillful at throwing shade.” (Meteor Shower)

"Amy Gray is astonishing as Clarice Starling, right down to her perfectly sustained over-exaggeration of Jodie Foster's speech impediment as Clarice... Gray sings marvelously and fits the role perfectly." 

(SILENCE! The Musical)



"... As Cleo's wife Dion, Amy E. Gray is one of the crudest, most uncultured hotties in New Yawk..."




"... Gray, in fact, made a farce of the farce."

(Boeing Boeing)



"... Gray has exactly the right air of sexy, amused detachment as Pamela..."

(The 39 Steps)


A Pittsburgh native, I graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in theatre and a vocal performance minor.  Spent over 15 years in Florida, and now reside near Denver, CO.​

​Those of you who know me have heard me speak on causes I find important, which range from HIV/AIDS Research to Shelter Animals/ Rescue.  One cause that has become increasingly important as I grow is women's rights/equality.  Please visit Equality Now for more information.


I am also a photographer - check out my photo ​website​!

About Me



I'm currently available for casting in stage, commercial and film. 

Please contact me via the contact form below for stage inquiries.

For commercial or film, please contact Brad at the Donna Baldwin Agency:

email: Brad Baldwin


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